Tuesday 30 November 2021

Valence House visit

 At the weekend we visited Valence House for their Victorian Frost Fair. We had a really great time despite having to stay in the museum itself most of the time due to the weather. We had a wonderful time providing historical interpretation and getting to meet all the visitors. We had a couple of adults who knew about Victoria and Alberts Christmas traditions including the tree suspended from the ceiling which provided us with great opportunities to converse back and forth. 

Many people mistakenly called PRINCE Albert a king and of course this Queen snapped back and abruptly corrected him to Prince. Although Victoria campaigned for Albert to have title King consort it was not approved and he was given Prince consort. She really did rely on him once having children but still made sure he knew she was The Queen.

Rochester Dickens Festival 2022

 Had a pleasant three days at the festival and a wonderful time at The Jubilee ball. Although this year was a lot smaller and quieter it was...