Friday 24 July 2020


Most of Alberts and my outfits are made up of replicas. Most of the replicas are either custom made or hand made by me. I made The Order Of the Garter arm garter, Queen Victoria's Lesser George, George Iv diadem and a replica of Queen Victoria's petticoat from 1840. 

Albert's replicas currently consist of a replica of Prince Albert's:
  • Lesser George
  • Breast star
  • Prince Albert's pocket watch. 

Queen Victoria's replicas consist of:
  • Queen Victoria's silk white dress featured in multiple portraits from 1840-50
  • Victoria's breast star
  • Victoria's heart locket containing my Albert's hair
  • Lesser George
  •  Queen Adelaide of the United Kingdom's Hanover Fringe Tiara
  • George IV diadem
  • Victoria's bar brooches
  •  a sapphire brooch given to Victoria by Prince Albert
  •  Victoria's Lahore collet necklace and earrings
  • oriental circlet tiara

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