Sunday 10 October 2021

Replicas 2021

 A new year means new replicas ! I have not really updated this blog for a while due to no festivals ect but exciting news… the Dickens festival is back on. Hearing this news I have been speed stitching and getting all my replicas together to see what else I need. New gloves came in the post and a new crown.

I cannot wait to be gracing around the festival In these new glittery beauties ! Some of the new jewels include a new lesser George, Pearl drop earrings, order of the garter arm band ( in the making ) and the marvellous George Iv diadem. And some new replicas for Prince Albert of course.

Rochester Dickens Festival 2022

 Had a pleasant three days at the festival and a wonderful time at The Jubilee ball. Although this year was a lot smaller and quieter it was...